I am the one who looks upon the world and see
I am, yes it is I the one who sets you free
I give you life and wisdom and many joys
I give you food and shelter and many toys
Your brother is hungry but I am always fed
Your sister is homeless but I am a warm bed
Your neighbor is thirsty but I am a drink
Your child is naked but I am in mink
I am, yes it is I the one who has confessed
I am at the altar and shout I am blessed
I am your father and you are my flock
I am time and space, you’re on my clock
I am the one who dries your tears with money
I am the land flowing with milk and honey
I am the king and you bow on bended knee
I am, yes it is I who gives promise and hypocrisy
Cry out to me all you slaves of the earth
Into the arms of death was your birth
Desire is my prison and you love its burn
Over and over sins repeat and you never learn
Darkness is my gift and this is your veil
In fear, greed, and lust you work to no avail
The sun rises and sets, you pray for the dawn
I am your idol and you are my pawn
The more I give the more you want
My forbidden pleasure this is your taunt
We reign everlasting in this lake of fire
You are my children I am your sire
I am the tree, abundant fruit, feed from me
I am, yes it is I, who gives promise and hypocrisy

©2009 Rhonda L.Coyle


About windblower

have nothing to say at this time, this is a test
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2 Responses to Hypocrisy

  1. This is very beautiful, and incredibly insightful!

    • windblower says:

      ty 🙂 you found me, nice. I have been on wordpress for a while now, but I don’t understand how to set it all up – so I don’t use it much. Nice to see someone reading something I wrote though LOL.

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